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Aerobic Servicing

Aerobic System Servicing

All Waste Water Services provide servicing to any model Aerobic system in Adelaide, including Biocycle, Envirocycle, and Aqua Nova, and we are the service agent for all Ri-Tanks. We are fully qualified and licensed and are Aerobic System Servicing specialists.

With over 30 years experience in the plumbing industry and a team of highly trained service technicians, your Aerobic System is in good hands when you have it serviced by All Waste Water Systems.

As part of our Aerobic System Servicing, we perform the following checks and tasks on the system:

  • Clean and check the blower and filter in the blower compartment
  • Inside the tank, we check the pump out chamber, submersible pump, chlorine levels and replace tablets if required, water clarity and scum buildup.
  • Inside the Clarification Chamber, we check the water level and pH level.
  • In the Aeration Chamber, we check that there is enough aeration, as well as checking the sludge return and skimmer return taps
  • In the Septic Chamber, we check the level of septic waste and that the inlet from the house is clear.
  • Once all of these checks are completed, we perform a general clean up of the rest of the system

As part of our quality process, we also prepare a detailed service report for our clients and for the council as part of the requirements of SA Health.

We can also recommend options if you have a septic tank system and would like to replace it with an Aerobic System.

Service Area

We service all areas of Adelaide as well as regional areas south of Ceduna, Port Augusta, and the Riverland as shown on the map to the side. With our fleet of 9 service vehicles on the road each day, we are able to respond quickly to emergency callouts.For areas south of this contact “AEROWASTE” on 0419 828 001 or 088 733 3527 after hours (Emergency Only) who will be able to service your system for you.

Contact us today to organise your Aerobic System Servicing.

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