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Aerobic System Care

Aerobic System Care

To ensure your Aerobic System is well maintained and operates efficiently between servicing, we recommend that you do not use cleaning products that contain bleach.
All cleaning products should be biodegradable and phosphate-free. Below is a list of Aerobic System friendly cleaning and washing products that we recommend for use:

  • Toilets, Tiles, Bath, Shower etc – 1 Tsp “Vanish” Oxi-Action, Napisan (pink container), or “Earth Choice”
  • Washing Machine (Front Loader) – 1.5 Tsp Bosistos “Euco-Fresh” Powder or Planet Ark “Aware” (from Woolworths) or Bosistos “Euca” (from Mitre 10)
  • Washing Machine (Top Loader) – 2-3 Tsp of the products listed for Front Loader machines above
  • Washing Machine Liquid – “Earth Choice”
  • Dishes by Hand – “Earth Choice”
  • Dishwasher – “Morning Fresh” or “Earth Choice” tablets
  • Descaling Dishwasher – run an empty cycle with a cup of white vinegar
  • Mouth Wash – None

By using the products recommended above you will ensure the bacteria in your system is not affected by the contents going through it.

If you have any queries about any other products, please call us on (08) 8326 4236 or contact us here.